Friday, October 5, 2012

Contract end

I am winding down to less than 30 days on my current contract, I have signed an extension starting mid November to mid February, tomorrow I am going to the RV Show in Tacoma, I hope to look at several potential new homes on wheels.

I have been searching for that perfect RV for me and the puppies, I am beginning to think there is no such thing, but that I will have to weigh the options of each model (I currently like the Voltage 3950, Raptor 410LEV, and 4014LEV, and Cyclone 4014).  Each model has things that make it a potential, the Voltage is a true home away from home, it also carries the biggest price tag, and I have read so many negative comments on problems with poor workmanship, slides that stop working, leaks, etc.  The Raptor is a well built toy hauler, but a 32 inch tv is a deal breaker for me, granted I might be a very spoiled man, but I cannot see myself being happy with that in a model where I am going to be 10 feet + watching a 32" tv with three 100# doggies playing in the room.  The cyclone is another potential, but I have yet to find a dealer that has one in stock, the smaller models I have looked at seemed to be well built, but I cannot see spending that kind of money to buy something sight unseen and pray for the best.

Wish me luck tomorrow.


  1. Well, there probably really is no such thing as the perfect RV. My perfect one would be to take attributes from several different makes/models and combine them. It comes down to compromises. Find a make with a good reputation that has the style you want (5er, toy hauler, whatever) and the shop the different floor plans and features. We really, really, REALLY like an Open Range Residential. Loved the floor plan and features, but Open Range was new when we were shopping, and we decided to go with a Montana for various reasons after comparing the two. Have fun shopping (I still like looking) and good luck with finding the RV with the "it" factor for you!

  2. Hi there! I see your other blog is restricted, so I'll ask here what you decided on.